Janelle Clouse

Firstly, I LOVE MEG! Meg went so far above and beyond to make this purchase happen for me! From offering to help me run errands when I couldn’t think of a way to get everything done, to bringing me a thoughtful gift and card when I was having a REALLY bad day, to keeping on me about what I had to do to close, Meg was without a doubt the key to making this happen. From the beginning she listened and showed me homes that were exactly what I was looking for (and the same ones I had picked out on Zillow that I wanted to see.) When my house came on the market I texted Meg and within an hour she had secured me with the very first viewing of this house.  Then, a second viewing later in the day for my parents to weigh in, and ultimately a winning offer within 6 hours of seeing the house (and 24 hours of the house coming on the market.) The rest has been a whirlwind, from the need to move up my closing date, to scheduling the inspection, to picking out insurance…I really needed someone like Meg helping me every step of the way – and she did so enthusiastically!